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December 9, 2010

Is Firetide Mesh Hardware Attractive? SecurityInfoWatch Must Think So

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Ever since we released our HotPort 7000 infrastructure mesh, we’ve been getting comments from resellers and end-customers alike that the hardware is ‘solid,’ ‘great form factor,’ ‘more capacity packed into a smaller package,’ etc. I got further proof of positive vibes that the nodes generate when I was reading an article by Fredrik Nilsson of Axis Communications on entitled “Going the distance with IP video.” The article was interesting, discussing ways to overcome the distance limitations in IP video imposed by the Ethernet cable standards (330 feet). I was encouraged to see that, in addition to wired solution, the article discussed wireless technology, and specifically wireless mesh, as a way to extend the reach of IP networks ‘many miles.’ Nilsson notes:

“Wireless mesh. Self-healing wireless mesh networks are popular when the area that has to be covered is large and requires many cameras. The nodes cover a broad area and provide overlapping and backup coverage through multiple transmission paths. A wireless broadband mesh generally operates at 4.9 GHz [5 GHz is also used for video surveillance, since 4.9 GHz band is reserved for public safety agencies in the US – comment by Ksenia Coffman] and can include hundreds of nodes, which makes it an ideal option for city center surveillance systems covering several square miles. The drawback is that it isn’t very economical for small system implementations.”

But I was completely taken by surprise to see a Firetide 7000 mesh node illustrating the mesh section! SecurityInfoWatch must have supplied the art, as I don’t recall us providing them the image specifically for this article:

Firetide MIMO mesh node on

Firetide MIMO mesh node on

Updated 12/13/2010: I ran into Geoff Kohl at CAA convention in San Francisco, and asked him about the article. Per Geoff, it was Axis who selected the artwork. So thanks SecurityInfoWatch and Axis!

To see Firetide 7000 mesh ‘in the wild,’ check out these posts:

Read the entire article by Fredrik Nilsson: Eye on Video: Going the Distance with IP Video

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