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November 17, 2010

How to Use #WirelessWednesday to Connect with Wireless Industry on Twitter

#WirelessWednesday holds as special place in my Twitter experience since this was how @firetide got its first @ mention when the account was just starting out. We probably had a dozen followers at that time, so it was new and exciting to see the Firetide name mentioned (please excuse the sentimentality).

What is #WirelessWednesday?


WirelessWoman, founder of #WirelessWednesday - follow her!

#WirelessWednesday hash tag was started by @WirelessWoman, aka Kent Huffman, CMO of Bearcom. Bearcom is a long standing channel partner of Firetide’s; they are the integrator behind the Dallas PD video mesh project which I extensively covered on this blog. (See: Dallas Police Department Tour at ASIS 2010 and ASIS 2010 Dallas PD Tour Goes Mainstream, among others.) The hash tag is used much as #FollowFriday, but focuses on the wireless and mobile industry.

Why participate in #WirelessWednesday?

#WirelessWednesday is a great way to connect with other industry folks, see who is active on Twitter and find new people to follow who are interactive and are in the same industry that you are in. Firetide wireless list is up to 140 accounts, and that’s one of my core lists that I check on regular basis. You can find out interesting things that you might not pick up otherwise: who is getting acquired, what wireless events are going on, what interesting articles people are sharing, and more.

How to join in

Starting with #WirelessWednesday is easy: just recommend your favorite wireless accounts. I try to participate every Wednesday; occasionally I use both the corporate account @firetide and my personal account @kseniacoffman. I check the stream in the wireless list in my Tweetdeck client, and select the accounts which (1) tweeted recently (nobody wants to follow ‘twitter-quitters” who have not posted in weeks; (2) tweet predominantly on wireless topics; (3) are sharing useful information. Then I assemble my list of recommendations, which is very easy to do in Tweetdeck. Don’t forget to use add the #WirelessWednesday hash tag!

I also check on who I recently added to Firetide’s or my wireless list, pick a few most recent ones, and add a link to the lists themselves, as a way to offer more suggestions for people to follow.

Here’s the sampling of #WirelessWednesday tweets from today:

From @kseniacoffman:

From @firetide:

Recommendations from the personal account tend to me more ‘personal’ (wireless folks I know on twitter), while recommendations from the corporate account tend to include distributors, partners, media and analysts.

Convinced yet in the power of #WirelessWednesday? Join today!

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By Ksenia Coffman – Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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