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October 18, 2010

ASIS 2010 Impressions: ASIS Accolades; Social Media at #ASIS10

ASIS 2010 was a good show for us, and judging by the overall sentiment from the conference attendees and the vendors alike, things are picking up. Our booth traffic was 50% up from a slow show in Anaheim. We were also strategically positioned on the way to the ASIS booth and the Accolades show case, so that helped out as well.

ASIS Accolades; “What’s new on the floor?” session

Highlight of the first day of the show for us was The ASIS Accolades awards luncheon, where our CEO accepted the award for Firetide IVS-100 MIMO in front of thousands of ASIS members. That same day, Firetide was also featured on the session “What’s New on the Floor” presented Ron Lander, CPP, CMAS of Ultrasafe Security Specialists.

In his session, Ron shed some light on the selection and judging process (You can listen to the entire presentation here: What’s New on the Floor – flv file, audio only.)

Ron Lander on the selection and judging process:

“Every year exhibitors are invited to participate in the Accolades competition. This  year we had 72 companies who submitted new technologies, new ideas and new products. Some of them were just recently released; some were released in the last 11 months, which is part of our criteria. 24 members of the ASIS Physical Security Council are tasked to review the written marketing material and specifications; they narrowed it down to around 40. Then a handful of judges, including myself, sat down and determined the top ten. And let me tell you, this was a tough year, there’s a lot of new technology within security and video surveillance, as you will see.”

Ron Lander on Firetide:

“Public safety is another vertical in security technology where you need forensic-quality video. You can have a good camera, you can have a good DVR, but if you don’t have a good way to transmit the video, your quality’s still going to be poor.

Firetide’s seized the lead of the market with good products, and as a consultant I’ve worked with them on different projects, among those the cities of Redland and Lynwood, California. They get forensic quality video to their customers; the sort that the DA likes: you can get a conviction with it. I also know of cities on the East coast that will not allow you to build a liquor store without cameras specified to meet their video surveillance requirements. They want to be able to look into your cameras first, to see what’s going on in the store, if there’s a hostile situation at that location.

And if you go downtown, you can see Firetide’s technology in the city of Dallas. The system is in a mesh configuration where one unit is connected to other units.”

ASIS Accolades Award Luncheon

Firetide CEO Bo Larrson accepts the Accolades award (click to enlarge)

Firetide team with the Accolades award

Firetide team with the Accolades award (click to enlarge)

Firetide IVS-100 MIMO - The Accolades award winner

Firetide IVS-100 MIMO - The Accolades award winner (click to enlarge)

Social Media at ASIS

On an interesting note, Ron Lander asked the audience about whether or not they participated in social media, and highlighted the #ASIS hash tag. I also saw ASIS signs throughout the convention center promoting the hash tag. @ASIS2010 account did a good job promoting the twitter stream and the blog, but it was mostly manufacturers and the media who were tweeting from ASIS. Still, there were 165 twitter accounts that used the hash tag; you can access the list here:

Social media, in my opinion, is a great add-on to any conference. I got a couple of comments on my picture-tweets from the Dallas PD tour thanking me, since they could not attend on Monday or flights were delayed. Brent Dirks live-tweeted many sessions, so you could follow the hash tag and virtually be in many places at once.

Tuesday was also the day of the Social Networking and Your Professional Development session, where I presented, alongside with Steve Surfaro and Shawn Flaugher. You can access the presentation and notes from the session here: Social Media For Crisis Communications, Presented at #ASIS10.

The audio from the session was recorded, and you can access it on ASIS web site, along with select other sessions from ASIS (wish slides were available as well, I’m getting audio only): ASIS Sessions Video.

For more posts from ASIS in Dallas, see:

By: Ksenia Coffman – Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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