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October 14, 2010

Wireless Mesh for OSP, Presented at OSP Expo

As luck would have it, ASIS 2010 is happening at the same time as OSP Expo. Firetide’s Mike Intag, RCDD is presenting there on wireless mesh for OSP environments, focusing on mesh applications for outside plant deployments.

The presOSP Expo Wireless Meshentation provides essential information and how-tos:

  • Wireless options and their differentiators in OSP environments
  • Considerations for high-performance wireless networks
  • Mesh applications, design approaches and best practices

The applications covered include:

  • Wireless-enabled campus environments: mesh as backbone for video, Wi-Fi, mass notification, etc.
  • Industrial security: video, access control, threat detection
  • LAN extension for essential business operations in outdoor settings
  • Smart Grid and utility WAN: from non-line-of-sight at 900 MHz to high-capacity backhaul using MIMO technology
  • Wi-Fi hotspots, plus using mesh as leased line replacement to provide internet service to the hotspot
  • Cellular base station interconnect for rapid expansion of coverage areas

To Mesh or Not to Mesh for OSP?

For more posts on mesh network design, see:

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