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September 8, 2010

Firetide Lands at #1 Spot in Video Mesh in the Americas

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As we announced today, in its report “The Americas Market for Wireless Infrastructure Used in Video Surveillance – 2010 Edition”, IMS Research ranked Firetide as the #1 supplier of wireless mesh equipment used in video surveillance applications in the Americas. We at Firetide are understandably excited about this news, for various reasons.

1. IMS Research attention = market validation

First, this is first such report from an independent research organization. There’s still perception that wireless transmission is a “niche” within the physical security industry, and the fact that IMS took the time to research the market indicates that wireless is going more and more mainstream. Further, the report validates mesh as a viable option within wireless, and highlight its role in the government / municipal vertical. Quoting from the report: “Wireless mesh networks have been extremely successful in penetrating the city surveillance market in the Americas.”

2. Wireless video goes beyond “city center surveillance”

Despite our marketing focus on deployments involving “cops with cameras” (since they play well in the media), Firetide is not only about municipal mesh video. The IMS report highlights the growing penetration of wireless infrastructure in the three largest markets for wireless video surveillance: government, transportation and commercial. These three markets are also predicted to be the fastest growing markets, between 2009 and 2014, for wireless infrastructure used in video surveillance. Infrastructure mobility deployments are especially taking off, with large-scale projects for Seoul Subway and Mumbai Metro currently being deployed with our technology for mobile, real-time video.

3. We are #1 in mesh for video surveillance

Honestly, I was not surprised that Firetide was #1 in mesh in the Americas. No other competitor can come close to having a roster of large scale deployments for major municipalities in the US. Our list includes Chicago, Buffalo NY, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles County, Orlando and many others. Our internal research indicated that we were the market leader in large scale wireless video surveillance deployments, one proof point being our competitors adopting the line “We are just like Firetide, only cheaper.” Now there’s an independent 3rd party confirmation from an influential market research organization.

4. We are #1 private company in wireless for video surveillance

What was interesting, however, that on the strength in wireless mesh and the size of the mesh market relative to other wireless technologies, we ended up at #3 in the overall market, which includes point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh. As our CEO Bo Larsson said: “#3 is not a bad spot to be in, since we are competing with much larger, publicly traded companies.” Another point of note is that in 2009, which the report covers, Firetide did not have point-to-point wireless bridges, which now allow us to address lower end of the video surveillance market: smaller deployments (one or two outlying cameras) that do not require mesh.

Read the announcement: Firetide Ranked #1 Supplier in Americas’ Market for Wireless Mesh Network Equipment Used in Video Surveillance


Who is IMS Research?

IMS Research is a global market research provider; their physical security practice is based out of the London office. IMS Research is one of the few analyst firms with an in-depth focus on physical security and is well-respected in the industry. Visit IMS Research web site for more information.

What is Firetide’s relationship with IMS Research?

We have briefed IMS analysts on a number of occasions, and met with them in person at industry events, such as ASIS and ISC West. Firetide purchased the report in question for internal use, to validate our market assumptions. Firetide does not have an on-going client relationship with IMS, nor have we sponsored the report.

Did Firetide have to pay IMS for the right to issue the announcement? Any other conditions?

IMS Research does not require payment to publicize the result of their research. Unlike “awards” issued by certain analyst firms, the underlying report focuses on market share numbers, which IMS arrived at independently and without Firetide’s direction. However, we had to follow the guidelines from IMS in drafting the press announcement. For example, we can share our ranking, but not the market share size.

Which companies hold #1 and #2 spots in the overall market?

In conformance to the IMS guidelines, we cannot share this information. However, these companies should be easy to guess for anyone following the wireless video surveillance market, given that that they are “much larger, publicly traded companies.”

Can you share the report with us?

We cannot share additional information from the report. Please contact Simon Harris or Niall Jenkins at IMS Research for additional comments. They welcome press and blogger inquiries. (If you’d like get in touch with  IMS, please drop me a note at kcoffman-at-firetide-dot-com.)

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