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June 7, 2010

Firetide Unifies Wireless Infrastructure Mesh Product Line; Adds Flexible Capacity Options

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Firetide Wireless Infrastructure Mesh

Firetide HotPort 7000 (Click to go to product page)

HotPort 7000 wireless infrastructure mesh product line has now absorbed the HotPort 6000 product line, delivering a single form factor for both. Until now, HotPort 7000 product line was only available in MIMO 802.11n version. With the merging of the two product lines, customers can now select to purchase 802.11a/b/g single-radio capabilities, and later upgrade to dual-radio, MIMO capacity or both, all through software licenses.

Software Licenses Enable Advanced Functionality

HotPort® 7000 mesh nodes now ship as 802.11a/b/g/n dual-radio capable hardware, with enhanced functionality enabled through software licenses. To illustrate: projects that do not require 802.11n MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) capacity or dual-radio capability can start with 802.11a/b/g-enabled single-radio configuration. Dual-radio functionality can easily be enabled through a software license at an additional cost. Similarly, a separate software license can enable MIMO functionality for operation in 40 MHz channels, and to take advantage of 802.11n technology.

“Pay-as-you-go” Approach Offers Convenient Upgrade Paths and Investment Protection

Ability to build out capacity on as-needed basis makes wireless infrastructure an easier sell. Upgrade options now built into the HotPort 7000 product line will make it easier to cost-justify the investment to end-customers. They will be able to expand the network’s capacity and add new applications down the road, when additional funds are available or new departments come on board.

More Value Across All Options in the Product Line

While the “HotPort 6000 equivalent” version of HotPort 7000 product comes at the same price points as the HotPort 6000 product, Firetide integrated HotPort 7000 features into all of the iterations of the platform, including:

  • Reliability-enhancing capabilities: built-in interference mitigation; intelligent routing; end-to-end QoS on a per-flow basis
  • Deployment tools: integrated spectrum analysis; network capacity planning and antenna alignment tools
  • Flexibility: dual configurable radios in 2.4, 4.9 (U.S. public safety licensed band) and 5 GHz frequency bands; indoor and outdoor models.

New options within the Firetide HotPort 7000 product line will be available in June 2010. With the merging of the two mesh product lines, HotPort 6000 and HotPort 7000, customers planning to purchase HotPort 6000 mesh nodes for fixed deployments are encouraged to opt for the new, equivalent mesh nodes within the HotPort 7000 product line.

HotPort 6000 will continue to be available for infrastructure mobility deployments until Q4 of 2010, when infrastructure mobility is supported on the HotPort 7000 mesh nodes.

Updated product information is available on our web site:

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