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March 27, 2010

Day 3 ISC West 2010 Impressions and Wrap-up

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ISC West 2010It’s good to be home after three busy days in Vegas. Lots of follow-up to do in the coming week. Our booth traffic was 15% better than a year before: back to 2008 numbers, after a dip in 2009. Visitors were solid, and feedback on our new point-to-point product was excellent. I heard reports of people placing orders on the spot; we will be shipping the point-to-point bridges in April. Even for what we consider a ‘low-end’ product, we are delivering 35 Mbps UDP/25 Mbps TCP; plus, our MIMO-based point-to-point product is coming out later this year – with much higher throughput.

Here are the interesting points from the last day:

  • Dinner the night before with our systems integratorValley Ag. They are an ERP/IT/networking shop focused on the dairy industry in California’s Central Valley. They got into video surveillance and access control as an extension of their IT business, and have done numerous projects – both wired and wireless – for physical security, facility management and liability protection. Valley Ag is the proverbial IT integrator getting into security because of customer demand; they are an Axis Communications Gold Partner, so no beginners in physical security. Earlier on Thursday they were interviewed on video by Sam Pfeifle of Security Systems News (which they had not heard of prior to the show – goes to show), and the conversation went something like this: Sam: “How do you build a security system from the edge”? Them: “Why would you start at the edge? You need a strong networking core first.” It will be interesting to see how the video interview comes out.
  • I did not have the mental energy to make my way to the tweetup at Treasure Island, which I regret missing, but there’s only so much casino scene one can take late in the day and late into the show. Perhaps, for the next show someone can organize a tweetup on Day 1 or the day prior to exhibits opening? Went to the gym instead.
  • Day 3 is typically the slowest at a trade shows, but I started the day with a breakfast meeting for a roadshow we are planning with key partners. I regretted having scheduled it for 8 am, but the objective for an in-person kick-off was to avoid the time and expense of a separate meeting down the road. So here’s another advantage of the big shows – everyone you need to talk to is there. There were 10 people in the meeting, so collectively we saved $10-15K in travel costs and time out of the office, if not more.
  • Also had some time to visit partner’s booths and connect with people on a personal level. Many East Coasters were getting out on red-eye flights (ouch!). Even though I’m not a fan of Vegas, this is a great place for us West Coasters – only 1.5 hr flight to California.

To make a tally of my ISC West meetings:

  • 5 press meetings
  • 2 analyst meetings
  • 1 analyst customer briefing (IMS Research, see notes in Day 1 post)
  • 1 end-customer video interview by a publication (set up on the spot)
  • 4 solution partner meetings
  • 2 potential partner meetings
  • 2 integrator meetings
  • 1 integrator dinner
  • 2 distributor meetings
  • 1 roadshow kickoff meeting
  • 2 individual ‘tweetups’ with industry people I met on Twitter (one was with a product manager from a big and important company – she brought their partner manager who I’d targeted for a ‘potential partner’ meeting but was not able to connect with. So yay, the power of social media!)
  • 3 meetings with marketing counterparts at Firetide’s solution partner companies, which will help move forward joint marketing projects
  • 1 Firetide employees’ meeting/Happy Hour at our suite to recap the first two days of the show and compare notes.

Where else in the industry can you meet with that many people in one spot? You can gather feedback on your products from a wide range of audiences: from enthusiasts to detractors, from people well versed in our technology to people still uncomfortable with the idea of wireless. Don’t know if you need to pay $.48 per square foot (plus numerous other costs) to accomplish the same, but if you don’t have an exhibit what is the reason for people to come? So the ‘big security trade show’ model still works, at least at ISC West.

Oh, one more appointment – with ISC Events sales staff to pick up booth space for next year: same size, same location, even the same booth number – 24083. See you there next year!

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